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All Melissa starts with a dream. It can be a form, a wish, an idea or even an emotion.

A dream imagined by some of the most talented minds on the planet: architects, fashion designers, designers, musicians, artists, stylists and our own team of designers. There, printed in every color, groped in every texture, drawn in every shape, every curve and every detail of your new Melissa, are our dreams.

And they are very different types: dreams of sustainability, dreams of desire, dreams of passion, dreams in unexpected ways, crazy dreams, secret dreams, and unreliable dreams.

That's why your new Melissa is not just a plastic shoe. It is a fundamental fashion accessory, always up to date, always injected with a world of information. That's what Melissa is for: to put the most beautiful dreams in the world at your feet, so you can walk all day feeling that your life can be a dream.

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