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Founded in 1979, Melissa creates innovative footwear inspired by fashion, art and design.

A dream imagined by some of the most talented minds on the planet. There, printed in every color, inspired by every texture, drawn in every shape, every curve and every detail, are each one's dreams.

Melissa is made of stories. The history that each one has with the brand is what makes it relevant. It is the connection with the other, the absorption of different points of view and ways of living that makes it singular and plural at the same time.

The brand is cruelty free, 100% recyclable and thanks to Melflex®, a patented form of PVC, it provides flexibility, comfort and resistance in each pair of Melissa.

We know that an extraordinary future can only happen with a lot of responsibility and attitude. Discover our sustainability journey.


It's transforming plastic into extraordinary.


It is to be the most loved brand in the world in the universe of fashion accessories.


Connection, Innovation, Diversity, Heritage, Experience, Global, Original, Aggregator.

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