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Over the years Melissa has partnered with several designers / stylists. In the last years the partnerships with Vivienne Westwood, Jason Wu and Campana Brother's.

Vivienne Westwood

Known as the mother of Punk, Vivienne Westwood continues to break the mould of shoe fashion with her Melissa collaborations. Since 2008 the iconic flame haired British designer has created styles for Melissa which have proved to be ever popular with celebrities and women alike. Toying with romance and sophistication, Vivienne Westwood + Melissa continue to produce fashion’s greatest shoe masterpieces.


J. Maskrey

The English designer J. Maskrey enriches the amazing partnerships portfolio of Melissa. “Skin jewelry” concept creator, the designer amazes for translating her avant-garde perspective in unique items, using Swarovski crystals.


Jason Wu

The old maxim that beauty comes from within. Jason Wu has been collaborating with Melissa since 2012 and he believes that everything we wear is a reflection of our expression, of what we are in our intimacy. Jason Wu entered the world of sewing very early. He started producing dolls’ clothes while still a child. From there, he reveals his familiarity with the female form- that later would delineate his work.


Campana Brothers

The world of the Campana Brothers is a world of possibilities. Or better: a world where things are made possible. Fernando and Humberto’s work shows us that, in order to belong to the world, first we need to embrace our own backyard. The collaboration between the Campana Brothers and Melissa began in 2005 and the models have Brazilian characteristics such as colors, creative solutions, chaos and mixing.


Baja East

Next to this New York-based duo, we've given plastic a never-before-seen touch: the texture of python 100% cruelty free. Embodying a “go anywhere” attitude, the duo combines west coast laid-back cool with a city street edge in pieces that are as elegant as they are effortless.

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